Icelandic horse
Owner: M. Sc. Sebastian M. Osuch

Forest view 10
38159 Vechelde, Germany

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Telephone: 05300 8703589 ( during our telephone hours )
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Germany: DE 313689450
Austria: ATU 79564357

As a specialist retailer, our online shop Icelandic Horse stands for:

  • exclusive distribution of innovative and needs-based products Equestrian products

  • Personal collaboration with manufacturers and family businesses in the horse and riding accessories industry

  • Adaptation of international & practice-tested products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Individual advice for riders and horse owners, based on our own experience

  • Exclusive Icelandic horse fashion and merch, fairly and sustainably manufactured in Europe

  • Customer proximity through an active community on our social channels

  • environmental and resource-saving packaging and shipping

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We also offer free shipping and returns and look forward to communicating with our customers. Your feedback, constant improvement and adaptation are particularly important to us. A variety of payment options, a newsletter , loyalty points to collect, exciting blog posts and varied promotions are just a part of what defines us. We not only take you into the variety of products , but also everything about the horse . Simply follow us on Instagram™ , Facebook™ or sign up for our free newsletter . We look forward to seeing you. Your Icelandic Horse Team .

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Do you have a question for us? Gladly and at any time. Interview Icelandic Horse Team .

We test the items offered here both on our meadow and with club members in the stable or riding arena. This creates a lively exchange in which you are welcome to participate via Facebook™ or Instagram™ .

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You can also find a lot more information and exciting insights into the everyday life of the Icelandic Horse Team on our social media pages.

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