Do I need a power connection for the thermal drinker?

  • No, a power connection is not required. Thanks to the drinking wall and drinking lid, which are insulated with thermal foam, the water is kept at the right temperature and therefore frost-free.
  • The balls, which are also filled with thermal foam, close the drinking openings in the lid after each use by the horses, thus preventing the water from cooling down too quickly and thus freezing.

    Can I also use the thermal drinker in winter if it is only used by 2 horses?

    • The thermal drinker is reliably kept frost-free in winter when temperatures are below zero, even without a power connection, if enough horses use the drinker (Duo = min. 20 horses / Uno = min. 10 horses).
    • By constantly withdrawing water from the horses, ground-warm water (approx. +5 °C) can flow into the trough and is kept at temperature and therefore frost-free by the trough wall, which is insulated with thermal foam, and the trough lid.
    How can my horse drink from the thermal drinker?
    • When you drink, your horse pushes the ball inwards to the side.

    How is the thermal drinker constructed?

    1. Pipe insulation 2. Floor insulation gasket
    3. Braided stainless steel hose 4. double sealing tapes
    5. Float valve 6. Ball
    7. Insulation with PU rigid foam 8. large quick flow
    9. Concrete base (at least 15 cm thick) 10. Frost-free depth (0.8 - 2.0 m - depending on the region)
    11. Water supply line 1/2'' 12. Floor open to allow geothermal heat to rise
    13. Pipe: minimum diameter 30 cm

    Why does my horse drink so little water in winter?

    • Some horses don't drink enough in winter because the water they are offered is too cold.
    • The thermal drinker (click here), for example, allows your horses to have a constant and comfortable water temperature of around 3 to 5 °C even in winter.

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