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Breathe deeply with bi-medEctoin® – the solution for coughing horses – for use in all common ultrasonic nebulizers

bi-medEctoin® easy breathe is a sterile solution consisting solely of 13% bi-medEctoin® and water. It is particularly suitable for use as an aerosol for moistening, cleaning and caring for mucous membranes (e.g. on the nostrils).

bi-medEctoin® is a care substance of natural origin with a wide range of possible uses, including for horses.

  • Support and regeneration of the respiratory tract

  • Loosens the mucus

  • Strengthens natural resistance

  • Alternative to cortisone and bronchodilator medications

  • The application is optimally carried out as an aerosol through the direct evaporation of the diluted solution, e.g. B. with an ultrasonic nebulizer

We would like to point out that bi-medEctoin® easy breathe is, from a regulatory perspective, an animal care product.

Of course, all bitopEQUI® products are:
vegan & safe
Full of high quality ingredients of the best quality
free from artificial preservatives, dyes and other nonsense
filled sterile
developed and produced under the same standards as the bitop products for humans
developed in Dortmund

Depending on the area of ​​use, dilute an ampoule of bi-medEctoin® easy breathe with 25 - 45 ml NaCl (0.9%) (available e.g. in the pharmacy). The application is optimally carried out as an aerosol by direct nebulization of the diluted solution, e.g. B. with an ultrasonic nebulizer. This dissolves dust, dirt and other irritants.


  • Aqua

  • 13% ectoine


  • 30 ampoules with 5 ml solution each (monthly pack)

Click here to find the Hippomed Air One ultrasonic inhalers for horses, which are ideal for nebulizing bitopEQUI bi-medEctoin® easy breathe:

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