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A wild horse runs between 15 and 20 km a day, which is mainly due to food intake. In terms of time, this means eating and exercising for over 15 hours per day, which in turn corresponds to the species-typical behavior of our ponies today.

However, in today's domesticated husbandry systems and the usual stable or outdoor housing, it can be observed that eating times are usually spent standing and are not accompanied by slow locomotion. The grass also grows far too lushly in the meadows, so exercise activity is insufficient here too.

Diseases and possibly problems in the areas of digestion, musculoskeletal system and hooves can result. With the above-mentioned forms of keeping, in addition to boredom, the ponies also sometimes experience psychological problems, such as cribbing or weaving.

Our food ball now offers you the chance to enable your pony to eat in a way that is typical of the species, without much effort.

Rough feed, such as hay, haylage, straw or other types of stalk feed, is suitable as a filling for the feed ball.

Species-appropriate feeding

  • Continuous movement while eating
  • Low to the ground and therefore very good feed intake from an animal physiological point of view
  • Consumption of small portions of food, therefore longer eating times

Increased well-being of your horse while eating

  • Reduction of diseases in the digestive and musculoskeletal systems and in the hoof area
  • Meaningful and at the same time playful activity
  • Reducing/reducing jumpiness
  • The risk of injury is almost eliminated thanks to the optimal material selection for the food ball

Perfect feed management

  • No contamination of the feed compared to the “loose template”
  • Lower feed losses, especially in rain and wind
  • Preparation for feeding can be done hours or days in advance
  • Different eye-catching colors for several owners in the stable

Can be used in a variety of ways in all husbandry areas

  • box
  • paddock
  • Open stable
  • pasture

Universal use

  • Suitable for all horse breeds and sizes

The hay ball is from the veterinarian Dr. Hentschel was developed specifically for the needs and requirements of today's horse husbandry. The most important thing was to achieve the right material composition and thus ensure food safety. The material is free of harmful substances, phthalates and plasticizers. It is also lactic acid-resistant in haylage and UV-resistant. Both production and processing take place entirely in Germany.

The food ball is made of soft and elastic plastic that has no sharp edges. Therefore, injuries to the mouth etc. are almost impossible. The feed ball has a diameter of 43cm for approx. 3kg of hay, haylage, straw or other types of straw feed: this corresponds to a ration for a medium-sized horse when fed three times per day.

The own weight is 3.5kg. The diameter of the individual openings is 6.5cm. The principle is very simple: a round ball with openings is filled with food by hand and presented to the animals so they can take the food themselves. Filling the ball takes no longer than filling a conventional hay net. The material used has a stretchability of 500%.

Play ball for horses and ponies

To the play ball for horses (click here)

Application and assembly (the food ball is delivered fully assembled and can be used directly)

To use the food ball, insert the rubber struts on both sides. Then attach the black lid on one of the two sides. The black lid now remains firmly in place and will no longer be removed. The side with the white lid, however, is used for filling with food.

For the assembly video of the lids (click here)

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