Guardian Horse is the digital companion for safe riding. Easy to use and available in an emergency, even if you are no longer able to call for help. The system automatically detects riding accidents and, in the event of an emergency, sends an SMS to previously stored contacts. Guardian Horse - Riding alone with a good feeling The Guardian Horse app turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker for riders. When you start a ride in the app, your current location and emergency details are viewable via your personal emergency website, the Guardian Horse HelpMe board. If a riding accident occurs, first responders on site and your emergency contacts can initiate rescue measures and coordinate with each other via the HelpMe board. With our Guardian Horse accident tracker, the app even automatically detects a riding accident and sends an SOS SMS directly to your emergency contacts.

Together for more safety in equestrian sports - download the app now and ride with peace of mind!

Guardian Horse - New emergency app for riders

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