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Salvana Icelandic Brix - pelleted mineral feed for Icelandic horses

This mineral feed contains all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins that Icelandic horses need. The focus is on the optimal sulfur supply for the Icelandic horses. Salvana Icelandic Brix are particularly easy to feed by hand. The ideal size (1.5 cm diameter) ensures safe intake and feeding losses can be avoided.

In order to ensure long-term performance, health and fertility through feeding, the daily, targeted use of Salvana Icelandic Brix is ​​necessary.

  • The basic feed (e.g. pasture grass, hay or horse silage) can no longer cover the Icelandic horse's needs for minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Furthermore, the feed base for the Icelandic horses in Germany is different than in Iceland.

  • Years of experience from Denmark have shown that Icelandic horses differ from other horse breeds when it comes to their sulfur intake. In Iceland the Icelandic horses receive enough sulfur. In Germany, the sulfur must be supplemented accordingly with Salvana Icelandic Brix.

  • Sulfur is an indispensable building block of all proteins, which consist of essential amino acids (e.g. methionine, cystine). The amino acid cystine is essential for the development of hair and horny tissue. That's why the Salvana Icelandic Brix can have a supportive effect, especially for eczema.

Crude protein: 7.50%
Crude fat: 4.20%
Crude fiber: 3.70%
Raw ash: 40.00%
Calcium: 7.00%
Phosphorus: 3.00%
Sodium: 1.00%
Magnesium: 4.00%
Sulfur: 1.50%

Additives per kg:
Vitamin A: 100,000 IU
Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU
Vitamin E: 6,000.00 mg
Vitamin K: 50.00 mg
Vitamin B1: 400.00 mg
Vitamin B2: 400.00 mg
Vitamin B6: 150.00 mg
Vitamin B12: 4,000.00 mcg
Niacin: 240.00 mg
Calcium pantothenate: 150.00 mg
Folic acid: 35.00 mg
Biotin: 20,000.00 mcg
Choline chloride: 1,200.00 mg
Iron: 1,400.00 mg
Copper: 1,200.00 mg
Zinc: 3,600.00 mg
Manganese: 2,000.00 mg
Iodine: 15.00 mg
Cobalt: 5.00 mg
Selenium: 16.00 mg

Feeding recommendation:
Salvana Icelandic Brix are generally suitable for use with all horse breeds that need to be adequately supplied with sulfur. The following feeding recommendations for the normal basic ration apply to adult horses per day:
Ponies: 50 gr. - 75 gr. Icelandic Brix per animal per day
Small horses: 100 gr. Icelandic Brix per animal and day
Large horses: 125 gr. - 150 gr. Icelandic Brix per animal and day

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